Run methods dynamically by name

In this project I want to verify the availability of the APIs that we use to ingest data into our data platform. In the example I will use Jira, Workable and HiBob, since they offer clean APIs without too much configuration. First I will create a test suite to verify the availability and once this works move it to a Lambda function that could be scheduled with CloudWatch on a fixed schedule.

Using Python with Jinja and PDFkit to generate a resume

This project contains a simple example on how to build a resume with Python using Jinja, HTML, Bootstrap and a data file. In the past I have always created my resume with Latex, but to make life a little easier I chose to switch to a combination of Python and HTML. Maintaining a Latex document is cumbersome and it is difficult to divide the data from the style. By using Jinja it is straightforward to separate the resume data from the actual layout. And the most important part, I can stick to Python!