Using Powerlevel10K as Zsh theme

Previously I was using powerlevel9k as theme for my iTerm2 Zsh configuration. Recently I had to install a new MacBook and found an easier way to make the terminal look fancier. powerlevel10k is the better version of powerlevel9k, especially since it has a configuration prompt where the installer guides you through all the changes you can make to the style.

For Mac it is as simple as the following few lines, assuming you have brew installed.

$ brew install romkatv/powerlevel10k/powerlevel10k
$ echo 'source /usr/local/opt/powerlevel10k/powerlevel10k.zsh-theme' >>! ~/.zshrc
$ p10k configure

Integrating PySpark notebook with S3

In my post Using Spark to read from S3 I explained how I was able to connect Spark to AWS S3 on a Ubuntu machine. Last week I was trying to connect to S3 again using Spark on my local machine, but I wasn't able to read data from our datalake. Our datalake is hosted in the eu-west-2 region which apparently requires you to specify the version of authentication. Instead of setting up the right environment on my machine and reconfigure everything, I chose to update the Docker image from my notebook repo so I could test on my Mac before pushing it to my server. Instead of configuring both my local and remote environment I can simply spin up the Docker container and have two identical environments.